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Recent studies indicate that more students than ever before are graduating from high school with alarming deficiencies. The most significant of these are in reading, writing, and math - the most basic and essential skills needed to not only succeed, but also survive in today's world. 

Public and private schools alike are finding it more and more difficult to meet needs of diverse student populations, from students diagnosed with learning disabilities to who are gifted and talented. 

It is widely recognized that home tutoring is a crucial support system for children and educators as they confront demanding and challenging educational milestones. We at Kids Home Tutoring, LLC have a fundamental belief that by working together with teachers and parents, we can reach a common goal to ensure success and assist the child as they move through the educational system.

Kids Home Tutoring, LLC provides a team approach to the early identification of a student’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles.  Our tutors and consultants work intimately with classroom teachers and parents in this process.

Our experienced staff will conduct diagnostic testing, and based on their evaluations, develop an individually designed program for each child.  We arrange the best tutor for your child academically, but we also accommodate your child’s learning style and personality.  Through one-on-one tutoring, our highly qualified teachers will then implement that program.  Kids Home Tutoring, LLC staff of tutors and consultants will meet on a regular basis to share insights and ideas for enhancing each student’s achievement.
Kids Home Tutoring, LLC will provide tutoring in your home, at school, or the library.  Our tutors are trained in using multi-sensory techniques (visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile) and approaches to make learning enjoyable.

Our goal is to insure that each student reaches their full potential at an early age to secure a successful future. Kids Home Tutoring, LLC strives for students to feel valued and secure in a learning environment and self-fulfilled in their achievement. 


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