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Kids Home Tutoring represents an invaluable asset in managing the rigors of today’s demanding educational environment.  Their tutors are reliable, experienced, supportive and exceedingly knowledgeable in a wide range of subjects.  They are communicative with both educators and parents and have a unique ability to both encourage strengths and build confidence in areas where the student may struggle.  Our daughter benefitted greatly from this support and we highly recommend Kids Home Tutoring for students at all levels.


What I liked most about Kids Home Tutoring was the collaborative and comprehensive approach to improving my daughter's study skills and her general approach to learning. When my daughter had her tutoring sessions, I got feedback on how she was doing, her strengths and weaknesses and her progress in developing specific math and reading skills. The learning that she got from her tutor went beyond the hour or two that she spent with her each week. I could tell that my daughter was taking her study skills and her CONFIDENCE into the classroom, learning more on her own with strategies that she developed during the tutoring sessions.  Having a tutor with direct experience with the Common Core curriculum was an asset in navigating the new math strategies. My experience with Kids Home Tutoring was fantastic and I highly recommend it to families seeking to enhance study skills and sharpen specific areas of knowledge. 

Thank you Kids Home Tutoring!

~Sophia Adamantiades

​​I can't say enough great things about Kids Home Tutoring. The owner, Marie Frazier, is extremely personable, and has excellent experience with training her tutors.  Lily, the tutor we have worked with for the past two years, is always on time, courteous, and totally knowledgeable. Our child completely connects and looks forward to her tutoring sessions. Lily combines a perfect mix of experience and patience, and also explains the lesson until the my daughter understands, which brings out her confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Thank you Lily and Kids Home Tutoring! I couldn't be happier!

~Alon Chambers


​​​​​​​My daughter has been working with tutors from Kids Home Tutoring for the past six years.  The tutors have always had excellent communication with the teachers and learning specialist because every school year has a new element to the curriculum. One of the biggest benefits about Kids Home Tutoring is that the tutors are educators.  The tutors truly understand all children have different learning styles.  My daughter’s tutor has used so many fun games, songs and even dance moves to teach basic facts.  I am so grateful for the tutors because they are dedicated to their tutees academic growth and success.  My daughter’s study skills and confidence have grown so much.  I am very proud of my daughter’s continued progress.   She has learned how to implement organization skills alongside other necessary strategies to do well in all her core subjects.  I have had a wonderful experience with Kids Home Tutoring.  They have helped my daughter appreciate learning in another level because they apply their teaching to the real world.  I highly recommend Kids Home Tutoring to families that need extra academic support.  Whether it’s being deficient in writing or math concepts, a child can benefit from the great people that work at Kids Home Tutoring.    

​~  Monica DeLasCasas​​

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